Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp.

A 501(C)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization


Q: What kind of debts can be included in a debt consolidation program?

A: Unsecured Debt: credit cards, personal loans, student loans, repossessions, etc.

Q: How much will my monthly payment be?

A: That depends on your specific debts. Each creditor requires a different amount to qualify you for the program.

Q: How do I qualify for the program?

A: Click on the link for a Free Debt Quote and fill out the application. A counselor will contact you to review your situation and provide you with the details.

Q: How do I know my bills are being paid?

A: You will still receive monthly statements from your creditors, serving as a third party receipt.

Q: Do you offer free educational material?

A: Yes, all of our free educational materials are available online.